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The estate agents Etrusca lies in Lido degli Estensi since 1970. Its management is handed down from father to daughter and its honesty, fairness and sympathy in managing the business are now more then before an important trademark. The office is located in the main boulevard, the shopping one, which represents the most popular street of the village.
Both apartments and detached houses are practical for family holydays.
They are situated in the center and near the sea.
Some of them have received from Legambiente (environmental protection association) the environmental bearableness’ certificate, as they satisfy both parameters to reduce energy and water consumptions and to boost waste separation.
It deals with accommodations rental in the high season (spring and summer), with house sales and business disposal as well as autumn/winter or week-end rentals

There are no timetables to stick to, no clothes etiquette to abide by, the children are free to play safely in the gardens or on the beaches. We are qualified and welcoming and we are ready to listen to your need and give advice and assistance during your stay.

Lido degli Estensi is the most famous beach of the Lidi Ferraresi, offers a wide choice of holiday homes that are ideal to spend holidays with your family in complete freedom on the wide and low sandy beaches of the Adriatic Sea.

The position of the Lidos is geographically very convenient. They border three provinces, Ravenna (25 km)Ferrara (60 km) and Comacchio (8 km)  and are in the centre of the Po Delta. The Po Delta offers a lagoon landscape of rare beauty.
It is home to many species of birds which can be observed against the magnificent backdrop of sunset over the marshes. Ravenna, Ferrara and Comacchio are all historical towns with museums, exhibitions and shows and sights that the more selective tourist can enjoy.

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